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PTV Navigator is the high-quality truck navigation solution
for your fleet

We take you where you need to go

Our professional truck navigation solution gets drivers quickly and safely to their destination as the route is calculated specifically for their vehicle type. This takes into account truck attributes, alternative routes, truck restrictions, bridge clearances, hazardous goods restrictions, weight restrictions, truck parking and much more, saving you time, money and unnecessary detours. Find out more about the comprehensive range of functions:


The highlights of PTV Navigator

  • Einfache und komfortable Navigation

    Easy, comfortable navigation

    Realistic signposts and junction views
    Text2Speech: Reads out turning instructions, road names, signs and traffic reports.

  • Einfache und komfortable Navigation


    Includes extensive programming interface for process integration.

  • Guided Navigation

    Guided navigation

    Transfer of complete route plans from precalculation systems (e. g. PTV Map&Guide) to the mobile end device. Even off road routes can be transferred.

  • LKW-Restriktionen

    Truck Parking Finder

    Easily find free parking lots along your route. Profit from the huge community based data set of Truck Parking Europe with more than 22.000 truck parkings and 27.000 industrial areas throughout Europe.

  • LKW-Restriktionen

    Truck restrictions

    Automatically have all restrictions and limitations for your vehicle type included (dimensions, axle load, road restrictions, etc.).

  • Einfache und komfortable Navigation

    Truck routing

    Avoid residential areas and smaller roads, pedestrian zones and unsuitable turning manoeuvres.

  • LKW-Restriktionen

    Hazardous goods restrictions

    Avoid unsuitable route sections, e.g. with restrictions for water-polluting and explosive goods, trailers. Take tunnel codes for hazardous goods into account.

  • LKW-Restriktionen

    Live Traffic Information

    Consider the latest traffic information for your route planning and navigation with TomTom HD Traffic. Always have an eye on your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and just re-route if you want to avoid traffic jams.

PTV Navigator truck

PTV Navigator truck

Professional navigation for trucks - includes truck restrictions, clearances, hazardous goods restrictions and special truck routing.

Our truck navigation solution includes alternative routes, truck attributes, truck restrictions, bridge clearances, hazardous goods restrictions, weight restrictions and much more. Spare your drivers the detours and save time and money. Connect PTV Navigator truck to your company's system, using its product-specific API.

Product Details
PTV Navigator truck

PTV Navigator fleet

The PTV Group's high-quality fleet navigation solution for business travellers and smaller transport vehicles. Ensure you reach your destination!

Don't need truck-specific data because your vehicle weighs less than 3.5 tons? Then PTV NAVIGATOR fleet is exactly what you've been looking for. Connect PTV Navigator fleet to your own system, using its product-specific API, and turn it into the ideal tool for fleet control.

Product Details

PTV Navigator truck

Test PTV Navigator truck free of charge for 14 days with no obligation and let the quality decide for you. We will be happy to help if you have any more questions during the trial period and will provide you with an individual price quotation. The PTV NAVIGATOR download can be downloaded free of charge on any Android mobile phone from version 4.

Integrate PTV Navigator into your company's own system

Even the standard version of PTV Navigator offers a wide range of functions. It can easily be integrated into your company's own applications via an interface. In individual projects, the functions can be extended to suit each customer's particular requirements.

Trust our market experience

Many satisfied customers, partners and TNS system integrators are using PTV Navigator.

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