Perfect integration into your fleet solution

Integrate navigation into your fleet in the best possible way

Tailored to your requirements

PTV Navigator offers several options for integration into your system environment: alongside a wide range of interfaces and navigation libraries which you can incorporate into your apps, for us this also includes the option to roll out software to your customers easily and book licences. Feel free to approach us directly to find out more about an individual integration solution!

  • PTV Navigator

    Remote Interface

  • PTV Navigator

    Components (SDK)


  • Easily integrate PTV Navigator into your fleet: Using our API, the Remote Interface enables you to send directions to PTV Navigator and to receive status updates from the app.
    In addition to that, we also support standard Android intents for a quick integration.

  • Looking for an individual solution for Android, iOS or Windows?
    Use PTV Navigator Components (SDK), our developer components, to develop your own navigation application.
    You can get started using easy step-by-step tutorials – the individual design of the finished application is then entirely up to you.

Test it now

With the Remote Interface, you can establish communication between your app and PTV Navigator.

Develop your own navigation applications for Android, iOS and Windows using our Navigation SDK.

The benefits of PTV Navigator fleet integration

  • One installation - lots of customers

  • Install your version of Navigator on all your devices, even if you have lots of customers who require differing functions
  • Content such as maps is pre-installed
  • Licensing is completed online, use is offline
  • Connect our Navigation to your applications

  • Quick & effective: with Android Intents it is very easy to start navigating with a transferred target position. With Mail Intents, the navigator starts a route which is sent in an attachment.
  • Efficient and comprehensive events: with the help of the RI interface, you can manage navigation remotely from your application and receive information about events. As well as the documentation, there is also an interactive test programme for the interface which is also available in the source code and demonstrates the implementation of the commands.

Navigator programming interface (API)

An overview of the most important functionalities for controlling navigation

Functionality Windows C++/C# Android Java
Navigation and destination management
Add destination
Delete all destinations
Skip next destination
Load tour file (BCR)
Start / Stop Navigation
Load BCR from cloud and start Navigation
Route planning
Route simulation
Manage list of destinations
Manage favourites and previous destinations
Searching & locations
Search for address (geocoding)
Address from position (reverse geocoding)
Get visible position from current map
Sending locations via RI instead of GPS or location provider
Search 6dite NL Postcode
Set/get current vehicle profile
Get available vehicle profiles
Add/delete/position buddies
Manage geocoding events for buddies
Set/get real time key values
Speak Text with TTS
Ensure Navigation Mode (no navigation changes by driver)
Block user interaction
Display Message-Sign/Hint/Modal dialog
Bring Navigator to front
Go to main Screen
Quit application
Map centre, zoom, refresh
Show an assistant
Get Information (Version, User-ID, device ID, language, speakers, features)
Electronic horizon (polygon)
Disable Wi-Fi usage
Download BCR
Receiving Events
GPS Information
Navigation information (ETA, Times, Distances, Destination information, traffic delay, Road type)
Speeds (Speed, speed limit, information on upcoming speed limits)
Navigation stopped
Rerouting occurred
Area alerts (entering or leaving)
Border crossed
Route corridor entered or left
Buddy geofence areas entered or left

Trust our market experience

Many satisfied customers, partners and TNS system integrators are using PTV Navigator.

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