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Map view parameters


const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_ZoomToRoute = 0
const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Center = 1
const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Scale = 2
const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Orientation = 4
const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Mode3d = 8
const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Pitch = 16
const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_All = SDK_SV_Center | SDK_SV_Scale | SDK_SV_Orientation | SDK_SV_Mode3d | SDK_SV_Pitch

Detailed Description

Setting parameters for the SDK_SetMapViewParameters function.

To change a map view set center, scale and orientation with these parameters.

Variable Documentation

const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_ZoomToRoute = 0

Sets the scale of the map view to show the complete route.

const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Center = 1

Sets the center of the map view [merc].

const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Scale = 2

Sets the scale of the map view (100 is lowest and nearest).

const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Orientation = 4

Sets the orientation of the map view.

const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Mode3d = 8

Sets the 3d mode of the map view.

const SDK_INT4 SDK_SV_Pitch = 16

Sets the pitch angle of the map view.

Sets all parameters of the map view.

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