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SDK_ERROR SDK_API SDK_Initialize (const SDK_WCHAR_T *pMapPath, const SDK_WCHAR_T *pMapName, const SDK_WCHAR_T *pAddrPath, const SDK_WCHAR_T *pAppPath, SDK_BOOL useMMF)
SDK_ERROR SDK_API SDK_GetAPIVersion (SDK_HDRINFO *pMajorVersion, SDK_HDRINFO *pMinorVersion)
const SDK_WCHAR_T *SDK_API SDK_GetBuildInfo ()

Detailed Description

Basic access to the Navigation SDK Dll.

Function Documentation

SDK_ERROR SDK_API SDK_Initialize ( const SDK_WCHAR_T pMapPath,
const SDK_WCHAR_T pMapName,
const SDK_WCHAR_T pAddrPath,
const SDK_WCHAR_T pAppPath,

Initialize the NavigationSDK.

The first call to the Navigation SDK to create an instance of it. In addition to setting up the Navigation SDK internally there are a number of checks done. The library itself is analyzed and the system. If there is less than 12MB of virtual memory left then SDK_ERROR_NoMem is returned. If this gets called a second time on an already initalized instance then SDK_ERROR_AlreadyInitialized is returned and the call has no effect.

[in]pMapPathThe physical path to the map files (e.g. L"c:\\map\\" or "/storage card/maps/") Don't forget the trailing path separator. Both slash and backslash are supported.
[in]pMapNameThe name of the map used (e.g. L"dac" or L"ita_130_eur"). Don't specify a file name with file extension here! May be NULL.
[in]pAddrPathDirectory which contains the POI data (.dat and .opm) and the addr.uni (if available). This parameter may be NULL. Even if no path is specified the bmp/ subdirectory within the application directory will be searched for bitmaps (.opm).
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[in]pAppPathExplicitly set the path to the application to the given directory. If set to NULL, the application path will be automatically set, if possible. In this path, the fonts, the bmp-directory, the maprenderer.ini file and the buddy icons will searched.
[in]useMMFEnable/disable usage of memory mapping when accessing files. If disabled, heap memory consumption is greater but less LMA space is needed, if enabled, heap memory used is less, but the memory mapped files use more LMA. Attention: Multi map rendering will only work if useMMF is set to SDK_FALSE!
Error code (Errorcodes). In case the error code is neither SDK_ERROR_Ok nor SDK_ERROR_AlreadyInitialized the initialization has failed. E.g. SDK_ERROR_NoMap is being returned when there was no map to be opened, but nevertheless the SDK itself is initialized now.
SDK_HDRINFO pMinorVersion 

Retrieve the version of the API set.

Get the current API version

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[out]pMajorVersionMajor version of Navigation SDK API 1 for API prior to September 2005, 2 for API since September 2005, 3 for API since July 2006 4 for API since April 2008 5 for API since November 2008 6 for API since March 2012 10 for API since June 2017
[out]pMinorVersionMinor version of Navigation SDK API.
Standard error. Unless invalid pointers are given it shall return SDK_ERROR_Ok always.
const SDK_WCHAR_T* SDK_API SDK_GetBuildInfo ( )

Retrieve information about the Navigation SDK build.

The format of this string specified by the given example. However the format may be extended, so there could be more information added to the end. Clients should make sure their parsing accepts an extended version of this string

        "API Version 5 (NC 7085). Built on Sep 18 2009:11:09:34. SDK: Windows ME/2000. Compiler: VC80"
A string pointer containing build information. It's guaranteed to be non-NULL.

Release the NavigationSDK instance.

This function deletes the instance of NavigationSDK. All resources created by the NavigationSDK are released. All manually created objects (e.g. by SearchRequests, mapviews) have to be released by the client application before. They will be invalid afterwards!

Error code (Errorcodes)

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