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Data Fields
SDK_GPSData Struct Reference

Data Fields

SDK_GeoPosition GPSPosition
SDK_Position GPSPositionMerc
SDK_INT4 altitude
SDK_INT4 velocity
SDK_INT4 course
SDK_INT4 quality
SDK_INT1 noSats
SDK_INT1 fix
SDK_UINT4 date
SDK_UINT4 time
SDK_INT4 geoidSep
SDK_INT1 noSatsInView
SDK_BOOL extraPolated
SDK_Position extraPolatedPos
SDK_INT4 extraPolatedVelocity
SDK_INT4 extraPolatedCourse

Detailed Description

Holds information received from GPS and as a input from clients.

Field Documentation

Size of the structure - for controlling


Version of the structure - for controlling. Use SDK_GPSDataVERSION

SDK_GeoPosition GPSPosition

Current position

SDK_Position GPSPositionMerc

Current position (Mercator)

SDK_INT4 altitude

Altitude [m] as reported from GPS (may or may not include geoid correction)

SDK_INT4 velocity

Velocity [km/h]

SDK_INT4 course

Navigation direction ([0..360[ 0=East, 90=North)

SDK_INT4 quality

quality of the signal in percent, i.e. 0 for lowest, 100 for best precision

SDK_INT1 noSats

Number of satellites used for the fix

SDK_INT1 fix

0 if GPS device has no fix, >0 for a valid fix: 1=GPS (inkl. 2d/3d), 2=differential GPS (DGPS), 3= dead reckoning mode (DR), 4=unknown

SDK_UINT4 date

Date of fix [day of month * 10000 + month of year * 100 + (year>=2000)?(year-2000):(year-1990)]

SDK_UINT4 time

Time of fix [Hour of day * 1000000 + minute of hour * 10000 + second of minute * 100 + hundreds of a second]. Note that for navigation purposes at least a valid time (>0) has to be provided, otherwise navigation fails!

SDK_INT4 geoidSep

applied Geoid separation [m]

SDK_INT1 noSatsInView

Number of satellites in view

SDK_BOOL extraPolated

Whether the information is based on (software) internal extrapolation, i.e. tunnel extrapolation

SDK_Position extraPolatedPos

extrapolated position

SDK_INT4 extraPolatedVelocity

extrapolated Velocity [km/h]

SDK_INT4 extraPolatedCourse

extrapolated Navigation direction ([0..360[ 0=East, 90=North)

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