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Data Fields
SDK_ManeuverDescription Struct Reference

Data Fields

SDK_Position Pos
SDK_INT4 DrivingDirection
SDK_INT4 RoadType
SDK_INT4 Category
SDK_INT4 CountryID
SDK_INT4 DistFromStart
SDK_INT4 TimeFromStart
SDK_INT4 TunnelMode
SDK_BOOL RoundaboutManeuver
SDK_BOOL TBaseCrossing
SDK_INT2 ManeuverType
SDK_INT2 TurnOrient
SDK_INT2 TurnWeight
SDK_INT4 GuidanceKind
SDK_INT4 NextGuidanceKind
SDK_BOOL EnterFerry
SDK_BOOL LeaveFerry
SDK_BOOL HasSignPostInfo
SDK_UINT1 JunctionType
SDK_WCHAR_T StreetName [128]
SDK_SignPostInfo SignPostInfo
SDK_INT4 DelayOnRoute

Detailed Description

Description of a maneuver point.

Field Documentation

Size of the structure - for controlling


Version of the structure - for controlling. Use SDK_ManeuverDescriptionVERSION

Coordinates of the maneuver

SDK_INT4 DrivingDirection

[�] [0..360[, 0 is East

SDK_INT4 RoadType

Road type of road after maneuver [0..14]

SDK_INT4 Category

Road category of road after maneuver [0..4]

SDK_INT4 CountryID

Country id. Maybe 0 for some roads due to internal limitations

SDK_INT4 DistFromStart

Distance from start [m]

SDK_INT4 TimeFromStart

Time from start [s]

SDK_INT4 TunnelMode

Usually set to 0. 1 indicates a maneuver inside a tunnel. 2 indicates a maneuver immediately after leaving a tunnel

SDK_BOOL RoundaboutManeuver

Is it a maneuver related to a round-about?

SDK_BOOL TBaseCrossing

Is it maneuver at a T-like crossing (i.e. two streets leaving the current street, one about 90 degrees left, one about 90 degrees right)

SDK_INT2 ManeuverType

a value of type Maneuver types

SDK_INT2 TurnOrient

a value of type Maneuver directions

SDK_INT2 TurnWeight

a value of type Maneuver weights


Exit number in a round-about. It counts only for valid/legal exits and counting is in driving direction (i.a. counter-clockwise if driving on RHS (most parts of europe, USA, etc.) and clockwise if driving on LHS (GB, AUS, RSA, etc.)

SDK_INT4 GuidanceKind

Kind of current guidance as of next menoeuvre. See Guidance modes

SDK_INT4 NextGuidanceKind

Kind of next guidance as after next maneuver. See Guidance modes


Is maneuver a border

SDK_BOOL EnterFerry

Is maneuver entering a ferry

SDK_BOOL LeaveFerry

Is maneuver leaving a ferry

SDK_BOOL HasSignPostInfo

signpost info is available

SDK_UINT1 JunctionType

The type of junction this maneuver description belongs to. Possible values are:

  • 0 -> standard value (no special junction type)
  • 1 -> AS standard junction type
  • 2 -> AS 1st junction type
  • 3 -> AS 2nd junction type
  • 4 -> AK 1st junction type
  • 5 -> AK 2nd junction type
  • 6 -> AD right junction type
  • 7 -> AD left junction type
SDK_WCHAR_T StreetName[128]

Street name of segment after passing the maneuver

SDK_SignPostInfo SignPostInfo

Signpost information, only set, if HasSignPostInfo is SDK_TRUE

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