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Data Fields
SDK_MapViewEventData Struct Reference

Data Fields

SDK_UINT4 message
SDK_INT4 width
SDK_INT4 height
SDK_INT4 delta

Detailed Description

Specifies a GUI event. X and y are used for coordinates or for the width and height, delta is the delta param for the SDK_wmWHEEL message If the map view was initialized with SDK_InitMapDC() the rendering area can be resized by setting a rectangle with the message SDK_wmSIZE. The rectangle will be set by the x, y, width and height parameters so that the rectangle will be: left = x, top = y, right = x+width, bottom = y+height.

Field Documentation

Size of the structure - for controlling


Version of the structure - for controlling. Use SDK_MapViewEventDataVERSION

SDK_UINT4 message

Message event code

x coordinate of event (or left for hdc mapviews only)

y coordinate of event (or top for hdc mapviews only)

SDK_INT4 width

width, only used if message == SDK_wmSize

SDK_INT4 height

height, only used if message == SDK_wmSize

SDK_INT4 delta

delta value, only used if message == SDK_wmWHEEL

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