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Data Fields
SDK_SearchResult Struct Reference

Data Fields

SDK_INT4 kind
SDK_WCHAR_T name [256]
SDK_UINT4 addrOffset
union {
   SDK_UINT1   typ
   SDK_UINT1   type
SDK_INT4 tabOffset
SDK_UINT4 usrOffset
SDK_Position pos
SDK_UINT4 searchRequestIndex

Detailed Description

Search result for most geocoding APIS (including SDK_SearchTown(), SDK_SearchPostcode(), SDK_SearchStreet(), SDK_SearchHouseNr())

Field Documentation

Size of struct - for controlling


Version of struct - for controlling. Use SDK_SearchResultVERSION

SDK_INT4 kind

Kind of search request (see Search kinds)

SDK_WCHAR_T name[256]

Name of the item, to be displayed in a list

SDK_UINT4 addrOffset

Internal use only

Numerical country code of the item.


Category. For towns: [1..6] Lower value means more important For streets: For housenumbers: not used

SDK_UINT1 type


SDK_INT4 tabOffset

For town results (only!): addrOffset of the corresponding streettable, 0 if it doesn't exist. This field is mainly for internal use. This value is unique for each street table. Within one street table all street names are unique. For other search results this field has special meaning for clients.

SDK_UINT4 usrOffset

Internal use only

Position of the search result

SDK_UINT4 searchRequestIndex

the request index of the found result. Only used internally

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