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Data Fields
SDK_TrafficSearchResult Struct Reference

Data Fields

SDK_CHAR_T description [512]
SDK_CHAR_T reportId [100]
SDK_CHAR_T providerName [100]
SDK_CHAR_T countryCode [5]
SDK_CHAR_T stateCode [5]
SDK_CHAR_T startTime [50]
SDK_CHAR_T endTime [50]
SDK_INT4 tmcEventCode
SDK_INT4 category
SDK_INT4 delay
SDK_INT4 delayOnRoute
SDK_INT4 delayOnOtherEvent
SDK_BOOL delayDeliveredByServer
SDK_INT4 averageSpeed
SDK_INT4 eventLength
SDK_INT4 eventLengthOnRoute
SDK_INT4 distanceFromStart
SDK_DOUBLE distance
SDK_INT4 status
SDK_Position startPosition
SDK_BOOL onRoute
SDK_BOOL routingRelevant
SDK_BOOL onlyTruck
SDK_INT4 simplifiedCategory

Detailed Description

Traffic search result.

Result of a traffic search.

Field Documentation

Size of struct - for controlling


Version of struct - for controlling. Use SDK_TrafficSearchResultVERSION

SDK_CHAR_T description[512]

Description of the incident

SDK_CHAR_T reportId[100]

Unique identifier for an incident

SDK_CHAR_T providerName[100]

Name of the content provider

SDK_CHAR_T countryCode[5]

Country code (ISO 3166-1-alpha-2)

SDK_CHAR_T stateCode[5]

Country sub state code

SDK_CHAR_T startTime[50]

Start time of the incident, in utc time

SDK_CHAR_T endTime[50]

End time of the incident, in utc time

SDK_INT4 tmcEventCode

TMC event code of the incident

SDK_INT4 category

Category of the incident see Traffic item categories

SDK_INT4 delay

Delay of the incident in [s]

SDK_INT4 delayOnRoute

Delay of the parts of the incident which lies on the route in [s]

SDK_INT4 delayOnOtherEvent

Therefrom (see above, event part on route) also on an other event with higher restriction

SDK_BOOL delayDeliveredByServer

Get info if the delay was supplied by the server or internally calculated

SDK_INT4 averageSpeed

Average speed on this incident [km/h]

SDK_INT4 eventLength

Length of the event in [m]

SDK_INT4 eventLengthOnRoute

Length of the event parts on the route in [m]

SDK_DOUBLE distance

Distance of the first segment of the event to the start of the route [m]

Distance of the first polypoint to the search midpoint [m]

SDK_INT4 status

Status of the incident in relation to the last search, see Traffic incident status

SDK_Position startPosition

First point in the incident polygon

SDK_BOOL onRoute

Event is part of route

SDK_BOOL routingRelevant

Event is part of route and considered while routing, otherwise probably it is out of time


Event is only an information, advice or warning without a delay

SDK_BOOL onlyTruck

Event is only relevant for trucks

SDK_INT4 simplifiedCategory

Simplified traffic category (SDK_TI_DEFAULT, SDK_TI_JAM, SDK_TI_HEAVY, SDK_TI_BLOCKED)

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