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Data Fields
SDK_TrafficSearchWebConfiguration Struct Reference

Data Fields

const SDK_WCHAR_Turl
const SDK_WCHAR_Tproxy
const SDK_WCHAR_Ttoken
const SDK_WCHAR_Tservice
const SDK_WCHAR_TserviceVersion
const SDK_WCHAR_Trequest
const SDK_WCHAR_TtypeName
const SDK_WCHAR_ToutputFormat
SDK_BOOL useProxy
SDK_UINT4 timeout
SDK_BOOL doGetVolumeStatistics
SDK_BOOL doLogging
SDK_BOOL doSimulation
const SDK_WCHAR_TdirectoryLogging
const SDK_WCHAR_TdirectorySimulation

Detailed Description

Traffic search web configuration Struct to configure the traffic web search. Many of the parameters in this struct must be mandoptarily set to a predefined value to ensure proper operation, see the comments of the parameters for more details.

Field Documentation

Size of struct - for controlling


Version of struct - for controlling. Use SDK_TrafficSearchWebConfigurationVERSION

const SDK_WCHAR_T* url

web server url to use for the search

const SDK_WCHAR_T* proxy

proxy server address, only used under Win32

const SDK_WCHAR_T* token

server token, set to the token given by PTV

const SDK_WCHAR_T* service

service name, must be set to L"WFS"

const SDK_WCHAR_T* serviceVersion

service version, must be set to L"1.0.0"

const SDK_WCHAR_T* request

service request, must be set to L"GetFeature"

const SDK_WCHAR_T* typeName

service provider name to use. Set to L"ptvgroup:tomtom_incidents" for tomtom or or L"ptvgroup:nokia_incidents" for nokia

const SDK_WCHAR_T* outputFormat

service output format, must be set to L"JSON"

SDK_BOOL useProxy

if true, use the given proxy server


if true, use gzip

SDK_UINT4 timeout

server timeout [s]

SDK_BOOL doGetVolumeStatistics

retrieve server traffic volume statistics when set to true, not supported on every platform, see also SDK_GetTrafficSearchResultStatistics

SDK_BOOL doLogging

if true, all incoming traffic data will get logged into files

SDK_BOOL doSimulation

if true, the traffic data will be read from log files instead of fetching it from the server

const SDK_WCHAR_T* directoryLogging

the directory where the traffic data should be logged, set to NULL if not used

const SDK_WCHAR_T* directorySimulation

the directory from where the simulation data should be read, set to NULL if not used

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