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That's why we've compiled the key information on the product and purchasing for you on this one page. However, consultation is highly individual. If you have any more questions about PTV Navigator we'll be happy to help you over the phone or via our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the difference between "truck" and "fleet"?
    • With PTV Navigator truck, truck restrictions are shown on the map and considered in the route planning.

      PTV Navigator fleet does not use any truck restrictions. Physical or general truck blocks are not considered in the route planning and are also not displayed on the map.

      This means that PTV Navigator fleet is suitable for trucks, vehicle fleets and, for example, Sprinter. Although no blocks are considered in the route planning, truck-specific functions are available to you, such as avoiding turns, avoidance of residential areas, avoidance of smaller streets, display and avoidance of tolls and écotaxe, vehicle-related route optimisation.

  • Can I obtain a larger number of licences for my fleet?
  • How much disk space do I need for the app?
    • That depends on which maps are to be used. The maximum requirement is around 4.5 GB for the maps and around 40 MB for the app and resources.

  • How do I use PTV Navigator on a new device?
    • At present, you can only use PTV Navigator on the device with which you purchased the program. The licence cannot be transferred to a different end device.

      However, the possibility of changing the device and switching the licence to a device with the same Google account will be possible in the near future.

  • Can I use one licence on multiple devices?
    • No, that is not possible. An already purchased version can only be used on one device. In order to use PTV Navigator on multiple devices, you can obtain additional versions via Google Play.

      A test version, on the other hand, can be installed on any number of devices.

  • Can the Navigator be reinstalled after a test licence expires?
    • No, that is not possible. Once the test licence has expired, this version cannot be installed again on the same device. It is, however, still possible to pay to activate the full version.

  • Do I need to be online when I navigate?
    • No, once the maps have been downloaded, navigation is done offline. An internet connection is then no longer required. Only in case you want to receive traffic information (optional) you will need an internet connection. You may be charged additional fees by your system operator.

  • Where do I report missing streets, etc.?
    • Please contact TomTom, our maps provider.

  • Why do I receive a notification that the route could not be calculated?
    • Please first check whether the route's stations are in different countries.

      If this is the case, please ensure that you have installed the "European major roads" map. This is required in order to calculate routes between two different maps.

      If the destination is in the same country as the starting point, check whether a calculation is possible with the truck profile. If so, the destination is most likely blocked for trucks.

      Blocked destination or start areas are generally accessible for trucks, since many trucks in delivery traffic also enter blocked areas. If this is the case, they receive a notification. Only in the case of immovable blocks, such as height or width restrictions or too great a distance from the next street will no route be calculated.

  • Why do I receive the message "The licence server cannot be contacted".
    • You need a Wi-Fi connection for the map download.

  • Why is a menu item greyed out?
    • Menu items are usually greyed out if the corresponding content is unavailable. Please check whether you have downloaded the corresponding content, such as the map or speaker.

  • Why do I not receive any recorded announcements in the car with Bluetooth activated?
    • For technical reasons, unfortunately it is not currently possible to use the hands-free device via Bluetooth; the recorded announcements then come over the smartphone or tablet.

  • Why are the announcements in a different language to the program's user interface?
    • PTV Navigator's user interface is automatically displayed in the language chosen in the Android system settings. You can change the speaker and thus the language of the announced texts in PTV Navigator under System >> Speaker.

      Note: You have to download the speaker you want to use beforehand.

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