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Data Fields
SDK_SearchRequest Struct Reference

Data Fields

const SDK_WCHAR_Trequest
SDK_Position Pos
const SDK_SearchResultcontext
SDK_INT4 kind

Detailed Description

Search request for most geocoding APIS (including SDK_SearchTown(), SDK_SearchPostcode(), SDK_SearchStreet(), SDK_SearchHouseNr())

Field Documentation

Size of struct - for controlling


Version of struct - for controlling. Use SDK_SearchRequestVERSION

const SDK_WCHAR_T* request

String representation of item to search for

Position for nearest or circle search

const SDK_SearchResult* context

reserved for future implementations. Set to NULL.

Numerical country code. Available for SDK_SearchTown* & SDK_SearchPostCode*. Set to 0 to be ignored.

SDK_INT4 kind

Kind of search request (see Search kinds)

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