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Release Notes

SDK 11.0 Servicepack (2019-25-02)


SDK_ChangeMap is obsolete for most use cases

  • Geocoding and searching do not require changing the current map anymore. We will map your given country code to the best fitting installed map automatically
  • InvGeocode also auto selects the best fitting map automatically

IOS SDK updates

The following native SDK functions have been wrapped in Objective-C and are now available in the IOS SDK:

  • SDK_SetMapViewGrayMode
  • SDK_GetMapViewGrayMode
  • SDK_GetMapViewBackgroundColor
  • SDK_GetMapViewBrightness
  • SDK_SetMapViewBrightness
  • SDK_GetMapViewDayNight
  • SDK_SetMapViewDayNight
  • SDK_GetMapMarker
  • SDK_GetMapViewFixPoint
  • SDK_CheckIfTunnel
  • SDK_GetManeuverCount
  • SDK_GetRouteTraces
  • SDK_GetRouteTraceAhead
  • SDK_GeoCode
  • SDK_SimpleInvGeoCode
  • SDK_ShowPOILayer
  • SDK_GetPOIItemCount
  • SDK_GetPOILayerByName
  • SDK_GetMapByPosition

Tutorial Improvements

  • Tunnel extrapolation has been implemented in tutorial 6 (Android, IOS and Native)
  • Countryspinner in search defaults to the last selected country
  • Android tutorials show the route calculation progress dialog earlier
  • Android tutorials stop the NavigationLoop while calculating a route


  • Android Tutorial 9 now switches to the correct alternative on each tab change
  • ISO_3116_2 CountryCode for Serbia was corrected to "RS"
  • Fixed SDK_TransforCoordinates for Conversions from and to pixel coordinates

## SDK 11.0 (2018-12-12)


Switched multi country routing to work without the need of a major roads net

When routing between two or more different maps, so far you have needed an addition-al map “Major Roads of Europe” to help you find a route. With this release you no longer need that map.

By implementing this change, several additional new features or improvements are now available:

  • Alternative routes are now available for multi-country-routes as well
  • The performance when calculating alternative routes in a single-country-routing has been strongly improved
  • When crossing a border, we will offer a quicker rerouting to a different border whenever it makes sense


So do you need the Major Roads map any more? No – if you have all detailed map data, you don´t need the Major Roads map and can delete it in existing installations.

BCR support

From SDK 11.0 we support loading and saving of BCR files. This allows you to exchange tours with other PTV products like PTV Navigator, PTV xServer or PTV Map&Guide.


The start station of the tour will be set to the first station in the file ("STATION1"). All following stations in the file will be handled as destinations. SVP points are supported and will be properly added to the tour.

Tutorial improvements

We now cover startup error handling in our tutorials for Android and iOS, improved the tutorials overall and fixed some bugs in them.

Detailed change list


  • Better error logging
  • BuildInfo with every exception
  • Loading/Saving of .bcr files (Navigator tour file format)
  • New SDK error ProviderError if accidantly mixing two map data providers
  • New SDK errors NoNetConnection, NetRequestFailed for failing traffic updates
  • Refactored tutorials to better use NavigationControl interface
  • Tutorial NavigationInformationControls will be initialized with RouteInformation
  • Added Tutorial startup error handling
  • Tutorial will stop simulation when stopping navigation
  • New drawer link for stopping the current navigation in the tutorial
  • SDK MapView switches to half resolution if display dpi is to high to improve performance


  • Better error logging
  • BuildInfo with every NSError
  • Loading/Saving of .bcr files (Navigator tour file format)
  • New SDK errors NoNetConnection, NetRequestFailed for failing traffic updates
  • Added Tutorial startup error handling


  • Added SDK_GetTourDestination, SDK_GetTourDestinationSVPs, SDK_GetTourDestinationType to get information about tour stations
  • Added SDK_GetTourRouteTraces to retrieve the traces of a whole tour
  • Added SDK_GetReRouteAttractionFactor
  • Added SDK_LoadTour, SDK_SaveTour, SDK_GetTourStartStation, SDK_GetTourDestinationCount
  • Adapted SDK_GetBuildInfo for more detailed information
  • New SDK_ERROR_ProviderError if accidantly mixing two map data providers
  • New SDK_ERROR_NoNetConnection and SDK_ERROR_NetRequestFailed for failing traffic updates


  • FAQ entry to show how to bind the Java Android SDK in Xamarin
  • Made old SDK docs available

SDK 10.5 (2018-06-03)


Minor changes for the iOS SDK.

Detailed change list

  • iOS SDK method 'trackingMode' implemented
  • iOS Swift tutorial project added

SDK 10.2 (2017-28-11)


Strongly improved and refactored version of the Navigation SDK. Introducing official support for several new platforms like Android, iOS, Linux and MacOS and a cleaned and enhanced version under Windows Desktop and CE.

Detailed change list

  • Completely rewritten documentation to make the SDK more accessible
  • Tutorials for every platform describing the basic steps to build a turn by turn navigation including traffic and alternative routes


History for earlier versions was removed. Have a look at ReleaseNotes.h in your native SDK distribution if you are migrating from an earlier version.